About bad boss bride

My name is Rachael Solomon and I started Bad Boss Bride while planning my own wedding. I'd worked as a Producer for over 10 years. Working on Broadway productions, with museums producing everything from large scale galas to video shoots with companies like Google, Airbnb, JCREW and more. With all this experience I went into planning my wedding wearing my producer hat. But I still wanted to be able to relax and enjoy, not only my day but the entire process. I turned to several planners and coordinators and found there to be a huge void in the industry. No one seemed to understand that it's not just your wedding day you want to enjoy but the entire process leading up to it! Your Wedding day is just one day, and it flies by so fast! I knew with my background I could solve this issue. My mission is to make your wedding day wonderful and every step of the planning process fun and stress free!

The Difference

If you're like me you got major sticker shock when you started to price out everything for your wedding. I couldn't understand why prices were so high, why I had to rent things when it was more affordable to buy and why I was chasing my vendors when I had hired them!


I have two key principles that guide my work.

1. I treat my clients the way I want to be treated. Every detail is important and no question is too great or small to ask. I'm always available to you.


2. I oversee all details and work with all budgets. Despite my producing background I still went a little dizzy with all the different vendors and details I needed to keep track of. Some planners did this but not that and visa versa. I provide everything from venue scouting to speech editing. With my team of talented professionals there is no task we haven't undertaken and executed beautifully!