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Top 10 Things To Skip

Hi! I'm a wedding designer and planner I LOVE working with couples whether it's in person, planning and designing or just offering insights and advice I've learned along my journey! Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions. And see my work on my website or instagram. Happy planning!

1. Favors

Most people toss these anyway. Better idea, do a send off snack, feeding people makes them happy and it serves two purposes, win-win.

2. RSVP cards

Maybe put a few in for older relatives. You can even print these at home to save on cost. But for everyone else have them RSVP on your wedding website.

3. Programs

No need to print these unless you're doing something out of the ordinary. You can also post it on a chalk board or print it out and place it on an easel where people enter the ceremony space.

4. Full bar

Skip the full bar! No one needs whiskey and gin and vodka and bourbon. Opt for wine and beer, two signature cocktails OR have a tasting station. I plan to have a self serve whiskey station and when it's run out, the station is closed, easy peasy.

5. Large Wedding cake

Big wedding cakes rarely taste good. Have a small one for you, your partner and maybe your wedding party. Offer everyone else a full dessert bar, with cakes, pies etc they'll be much happier!

6. Fancy invitations

They're pretty, but everyone will tell you they all end up in the trash!

7. Menus

Same as with programs. Post it by the food if doing a buffet or you can do one menu per table.

8. Lavish centerpieces

Who likes those huge centerpieces that make it impossible to see the people across from you? Not me! Plus they're very expensive. So this is a no brainer.

9. Seated dinner

This just opens itself up to, too many issues. I was recently at a wedding where they ran out of food options! Several vegetarians went into a panic. Then you need to hunt down your server, whenever you need something. Forget it! Let your guests eat when they want to or opt for family style if you don't like the idea of a buffet.

10. The band

I was so set on having a band! But most likely you'll be picking a band that you've never heard of before. They're 4x as much as a DJ and with the exception of a few they aren't high quality. Those that are stellar are very expensive! So unless you have the budget or it's really important to you, skip it! Plus most DJs include things like uplighting and many other features you'd pay extra for otherwise. I booked a DJ and even with all the bells and whistles it's thousands less than a band.

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