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Our Story

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Rachael & Mike started Bad Boss Bride shortly after planning their own wedding.

Rachael worked as a Producer for over 10 years. Working on many diverse projects including Broadway productions, museum installations, large scale galas, video/film shoots and more. She is proud to have worked with companies like Google, Airbnb, JCREW to name a few. Mike also has roots in the theatre industry. Working as a set design and technical director for over 15+ years he's done it all! Providing technical direction and support for major concerts, large scale conventions, Broadway productions to name a few.

Despite all their experience they hit many pain points planning their own wedding. They knew there was a better way to approach the entire planning process that could be enjoyable for couples, foster creativity and be guided by understanding and support.

They developed their specific approach to wedding design and planning with their core values always at the forefront; empathy, creativity, understanding and flexibility.


Our bride Sarah put it best, "Rachael and her team actually listened to what we wanted and did not try to force us into a decision that did not feel right, which I think is what really sets them apart from other planners."​

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